Exeter Writers has a long and active history: originally founded in June 1950 as The Exeter & District Writers' Circle, we are one of the longest continually-running writing groups in the UK.
Here are some of our current members. We're a diverse bunch with a variety of interests, backgrounds and projects. Click on a member's name to find out more about them.
Current member? Visit our Members' Area.


Dianne Bown-Wilson
Su Bristow
Jan Cascarini
Jo Cole
Jane Crossman
Elizabeth Ducie
Michele Evenstar
Cherry Gilchrist
Clare Girvan
Richard D. Handy
Cathie Hartigan
Margaret James
Hayley N Jones
Simon Kettlewell
Tricia Kyne
Richard Lee
Lottie McKnight
Emily Sharma
N. Siân Southern
Simon Stanley
Jessica Triana de Ford
Jolyon Tuck
Angela Wooldridge

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