Author Business Foundations

Are you planning on turning your writing from a hobby to a business? Or is your business established, but you feel it could do with a bit more structure? Then the Author Business Foundations workshop is just what you need. Elizabeth Ducie, member of Exeter Writers for more than a decade, has been running her own small business since 1992. And on Saturday 27th April, as part of the Play on Words Festival in Paignton, she's going to distill all that experience into two and a half hours of interactive workshop.  You learn about writing business plans, setting objectives, establishing your finance systems and much more. And most importantly, you'll learn how to do it as easily and simply as possible, leaving you more time for the bit we all love - the writing. Places for this workshop are limited. Check out the details here and get your place booked before it's too late.

And The Reading Begins...

Our 2024 competition is now closed. Many thanks to everyone who entered and good luck. This year, we had a bumper crop of entries and we are about to start the process of reading and judging.  We'll let you know how we're getting on from time to time...

It's Nearly Time...

  If you are planning on entering this year's short story competition, you have just over 48 hours left. The competition closes at 23:59 on Thursday 29th February (yes, you have a whole extra day this year). You can check out the rules HERE . You can submit your entries HERE

New Release! The Fair Folk by Su Bristow

 The Fair Folk by Su Bristow Su's second novel, The Fair Folk was published on 23rd January by  Europa Editions in the US. We've asked her to tell us a bit about it. What was your inspiration? My first novel, Sealskin, is a retelling of one of the selkie myths. For The Fair Folk I went to the multitude of fairy stories that were told all over the British Isles; not the ones you read in the Brothers Grimm or Perrault, but the homespun tales repeated over hundreds of years around fires and at feasts. Wherever country folk lived, it seems, there were fairies making mischief, striking bargains, and - sometimes - doing favours.  What is The Fair Folk about? My story begins with a lonely child meeting the fairies in the nearby woods, and it’s set in the 1950s and 60s, at a time when farming in Britain was changing after centuries of tradition, and sightings of fairies were beginning to dwindle. Most children grow up and forget these magical encounters, but Felicity cannot. She has b

2024 Short Story Competition Opens

Our 2024 Short Story Competition is now open. And once again, we have a magnificent £1350 in the prize pot. Including the opportunity for a local writer who is shortlisted, but not placed in the top three, to win the Devon prize. You have until 29th February to get your story in. But you know how quickly time flies by. So why not  check it out now  and get writing those entries.

Books by Margaret James

 Books by Members: Margaret James I have a sneaking suspicion that Margaret has written so many books that it would probably crash the website to list them all! So, I'll just mention the more recent ones. If life is cheap, how much is love worth?  It's 1914 and young Rose Courtenay has a decision to make. Please her wealthy parents by marrying the man of their choice - or play her part in the war effort? The chance to escape proves irresistible and Rose becomes a nurse. Working in France, she meets Lieutenant Alex Denham, a dark figure from her past. He's the last man in the world she'd get involved with - especially now he's married. But in wartime nothing is as it seems. Alex's marriage is a sham and Rose is the only woman he's ever wanted. As he recovers from his wounds, he sets out to win her trust. His gift of a silver locket is a far cry from the luxuries she's left behind. What value will she put on his love?  2011 Reviewers' Choice Award from

Books by Cathie Hartigan

 Books by members: Cathie Hartigan As well as having short stories in various publications, Cathie writes a mix of contemporary and historical novels and you'll often find her love of music sneaking in there somewhere! Secret of the Song   When a song by the mad composer, Carlo Gesualdo, is discovered in Exeter Museum, trouble descends on the group asked to sing it. Lisa is full of enthusiasm at first, but she soon becomes convinced the song is cursed. Can Lisa find out what mystery lies behind the discordant harmonies? Will she solve the song’s secret before her relationship with Jon breaks for good and harm befalls them all? In Renaissance Naples, young Silvia Albana is seamstress and close confidant of Don Gesualdo’s wife. When Donna Maria begins an affair, Silvia knows that death is the only outcome. But who exactly will die? And where is Silvia’s own lover? Why is he not there to help her? Notes from the Lost In October 1943, when prisoners of war Alfie and Frank escape from a