Upcoming Literary Events For Your Diary

Whether you want to learn how to hone your writing craft into a well-oiled machine, or you want to hear from successful authors about their new books, Exeter Writers has you covered for the coming month. One positive thing about the current pandemic is, with the technology available to us and our human ingenuity, events of all kinds are popping up online. Conferences that might have been over budget or simply out of reach because of distance are more easily available than ever before. Here are a few events coming up in April 2021 that may be of interest to you: The Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival   24 April - 2 May The theme for this year is: The Challenge of Our Times. They will have over 50 panels, debates and interviews with writers and professionals to discuss the subject. If that’s something that interests you the full programme is now available. Cambridge Literary Festival Online  (£35-£50 Festival Pass) 21 - 25 April  There are a host of writers and poets discuss

An Introvert’s Guide to Starting a Critique Group

Have you ever felt lonely as a writer? I am an introvert. Working in an office was draining for me, but when I started working from home as a writer, I realised that I missed people. Humans come in all types, introvert/extrovert, straight talking/descriptive, feeler/thinker. But one thing is common for all writers who work at home — it’s a solitary kind of work. Unless you’re lucky enough to work for a marketing firm or in-house for a newspaper/magazine, writing is something you do at home, alone. Particularly if you’re writing fiction. It was 2010 when I got made redundant, and I thought to myself… ‘I know, I’ll take some time out from employment and write my first novel.’ Eleven years later, I’m still here trying to do it. It turned out it wasn’t so easy to churn out a book as I’d thought. No, my friends. Writing is hard.  And if you’re here reading this, you know what I’m talking about. Writing is a craft. It’s a process. And you don’t get good overnight.  I worked at my desk for da

A Celebration of Women Writers And Their Inspirational Works

On March 8 th it was International Women’s Day, but really the whole of this month is a celebration of women.  This inspired me to think about, and list, some of my favourite women authors and my favourite books by them.   All these women have inspired me with their wisdom, creative freedom and proud femininity; and I wanted to share them, and their pearls of wisdom, with you too. Rupi Kaur Who better to start with than the indomitable Canadian poet, Rupi Kaur, who is busily inspiring young people to actively be themselves, love themselves, and love others. We all move forward when we recognise how resilient and striking the women around us are Rupi Kaur Rupi is an Indian-born Canadian poet, illustrator and author. She published her first book, Milk & Honey, in 2014 while at the University of Waterloo and has built a loyal following on Instagram and Tumblr with her visual poetry. View this post on Instagram A post shared by rupi kaur (@rupikaur_) Rupi