Jonathan Posner


Jonathan has been an avid reader of fiction ever since he was old enough to own a torch. As a schoolboy he virtually lived in Narnia, and as he got older, he got into historical fiction - particularly Phillipa Gregory, Susan Kay, C J Sansom and the Flashman Papers.
He loves creative writing, and has written the book and lyrics for three full-scale Musicals, all of which have been performed by community or professional casts. There have also been two plays, some dubious-quality poetry and several short stories.
In 2015 he upcycled the plot of one of the Musicals into The Witchfinder's Well, a full-length Elizabethan action and adventure novel, available on Amazon as eBook, paperback and hardback.
This was followed by the second part of the trilogy - The Alchemist's Arms - in 2019. In Summer 2022 the third part - The Sovereign's Secret was published.
Jonathan's other series, set in the early 16th century, starts with The Broken Sword. The second in the series, The Tudor Prince, is slated for publication in 2023.
Jonathan has two adult sons and lives in Exeter. His love of Musicals has led to him presenting shows on local community radio stations featuring songs from stage musicals - for over thirteen years on Marlow FM, and lately on Phonic FM in Exeter.