About Us

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about us. 

Exeter Writers as you may have guessed is based in Exeter but our members come to us from all over Devon.

Some of us are further along our writing journey than others. Amongst our number are traditionally published authors, indie authors, short story writers, bloggers, copywriters, and non-fiction writers of both books and magazines. This mix of skills and interests means that everyone has something to contribute, and it is due to this spirit of co-operation that Exeter writers is evolving and growing all the time.

As an organisation we’ve been around since the 1950s, making us one of the longest running writing groups in the UK. 

We often run extra events throughout the year which are dependent on the voluntary support of our members. 

Many of our members work with other literary partner groups including Creative Writing Matters and Exe Lit Fest.

We continue to run our annual short story competition which has produced some marvellous winners over the years and includes our Devon prize to encourage local talent. 

We are also proud to sponsor the Exeter Novel Prize.

Past member Sophie Duffy had this to say about Exeter writers… 

'I loved my time at Exeter Writers. I made some really good friends who walked with me through the dark years of rejection and the brighter years of publication. I would have given up this lonely journey long ago if it hadn’t been for the encouragement and belief of this group of rather marvellous writers.’


Anonymous said…
How can we join the Exeter Writers group?
Hi, please email the group mailbox (exeterwriters@gmail.com) for more information about joining us.