About Us

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about us. 

Exeter Writers as you may have guessed is based in Exeter but our members come to us from all over Devon because we’re such a fantastic group.

As an organisation we’ve been around since the 1950s, making us one of the longest running writing groups in the UK. 

Though of course our members come and go and as a group we have gone through many evolutions over the decades. 

Who We Are

Well the quickest and simplest answer is ordinary folk. Perhaps the only differentiation is that we wear the appellation of writer with joy and pride. 

Some of us are further along our writing journey than others. Amongst our number are traditionally published authors, indie authors, short story writers, bloggers, copywriters, and non-fiction writers of both books and magazines. 

'This mix of skills and interests means everyone has something to contribute,' says our newly appointed Chairman, Angela Wooldridge (2020). 

And it is in this spirit of co-operation that Exeter writers is evolving and growing all the time.

Why We Have a Committee?

The word committee sounds terribly bureaucratic. It conjures up images of Vogons from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy where all action is undermined and stalled by red tape.

So you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s a very positive thing for us.

Having a committee means that we are highly organised and efficient at creating systems of support. Listening to the changing needs of members and taking action so that we are always growing together as a group. 

It also means that we can be active in the local area to support literary events, and respond quickly and professionally to changes.

Exeter Writers Committee Members Are:

Angela Wooldridge - Chairman

Su Bristow - Vice Chair

Jolyon Drake - Secretary

Elizabeth Ducie  - Treasurer

Cathie Hartigan - Committee member

Hayley Jones - Committee member

Meetings are twice a month, Sept - July, on alternate Saturday afternoons and regular attendance is encouraged to get the most out of the group. 

We often run extra events throughout the year which are dependent on the voluntary support of our members. 

Many of our members work with other literary partner groups including Creative Writing Matters and Exe Lit Fest.

What It’s Like to Be a Member?

Before Covid times, our rolling programme of meetings included write-ins, manuscript readings with critique, and workshops led by members with particular areas of expertise or guest speakers. 

During Covid times we have had to adapt both the way we meet, and the programme to fit. Currently meetings are via zoom and as well as the above we have included book chats which have taken the member community by storm. I mean who doesn’t love discussing a good book!

Past member Sophie Duffy had this to say about Exeter writers… 

'I loved my time at Exeter Writers. I made some really good friends who walked with me through the dark years of rejection and the brighter years of publication. I would have given up this lonely journey long ago if it hadn’t been for the encouragement and belief of this group of rather marvellous writers.’

Get Involved

If you want to be kept up to date with the events that we offer then sign up to our newsletter or subscribe to our blog. 

One of the most useful things of being part of a writing circle is the support and industry news that is shared so please do share anything you find useful to your networks.

Many of the members are on social media and we’re a very friendly and open bunch so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to support you on your own quest to becoming the writer you want to be. 

Join Us

We wish we could be open to everyone to join but it’s not practical to do so and because of Covid we are not accepting any new member until further notice. But you are welcome to browse our content on the blog, leave comments and connect with us on Twitter. You can also email us directly.