Keith Rossiter


Since I was a small boy growing up in Africa, I have created fantasy worlds – some fantastical, some really quite ordinary.
Writing somehow gives substance to my fantasies, so for me it’s not a hobby or a job, but an extension of dreaming.
Writing fiction never seemed like a plausible way of making a living, so instead I turned to advertising and journalism. 
After almost 20 years in London, most of that with The Times and The Sunday Times, I downsized to the West Country, working for the Plymouth Herald and the Western Morning News until the end of 2020.
I have published one novel, The Chaos Game. I have another novel under way – a thriller  which deals with transgender issues. I’m also working on a Young Adult novel with my partner.
I learned to love reading as a very small boy, sharing books with my paternal grandmother. She came to reading late in life, and had a lot of catching up to do, and she dragged me along on the journey with her. It was pretty damn exciting.
The Covid-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to how precarious any society is. My novel The Chaos Game explores what could happen to a small community when it is pushed to the edge.

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