Exeter Writer, Angela Wooldridge is joining writers around the world in a Storytime Blog Hop this week.

Click on the link to read 'Uninvited Guests'. Then follow the links at the bottom to nine more tales of speculative fiction.

Angela's flash fiction story 'Room Mates', features on the MashStories podcast this month.

Elizabeth's Second Novel Makes Good Start

Member Elizabeth Ducie is hoping a recent competition success is a sign of things to come. Elizabeth is currently working on her second novel, Counterfeit!, which is set in Southern Africa and deals with dodgy goings-on in the pharmaceutical industry. It is the first in a series of three novels, featuring three strong female protagonists.

Meet the Members: Cathie Hartigan

What do you write?
Short stories and novels – my debut novel, Secret of the Song, was published in September 2015. I’m also the co-author of a series of non-fiction guides for writers.

When and where do you write? 

The spare room is my office and it’s there I do most of my writing and the admin for CreativeWritingMatters, including all the competitions we run. Consequently, you can hardly see the surface of my desk, so when I can, I go to the Devon and Exeter Institution in Cathedral Yard. It’s a wonderful library as well as a great place to write with no distractions.