Dianne Bown-Wilson

 Dianne Bown-Wilson was born in England, grew up in New Zealand and now lives in Dartmoor National Park.  

Following retirement she has had more time to devote to writing but has instead chosen to hone her skills as an Olympic standard procrastinator. (Having a very large garden is an enormous help).
Despite this, in recent years her short stories have either won prizes or been placed in competitions including the Fish Prize, Exeter Writers, The Momaya Annual Review, Writing Magazine, Writers Forum, the Walter Swan Competition, Ink Tears, the HG Wells Prize, The Fresher Prize, Flash 500, the Yeovil Prize and Ellipsis Zine. 

Her work has also been included in several anthologies.
A collection of thirty-two of her successful stories, Instructions for Living and Other Stories was published in 2016. She is working on her first novel.

Blog: https://diannebownwilson.wordpress.com/
Twitter @BownWDianne

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