Book Quiz Winners!

Last night (Thursday 15th Feb), the staff of Roman Gate Waterstones in Exeter hosted the fiendishly tricky Big Book-Lover's Quiz, with proceeds going to the charity, Book Trust.

Exeter Writers, Su Bristow, Margaret James and Angela Wooldridge came a very respectable second place, pipped at the post by one point!

Keep your eyes peeled if you missed out, because it could become a regular event, (the quiz, that is - not us coming second!) The learning points we've taken away from this are; 

Write something down! A guess has more chance of winning a point than an empty space and, anagrams are HARD!

Deceit is a dangerous game... the world of books, one of the most sought after blogs to have your book reviewed is with Anne Williams on her blog, Being Anne.

This week, Exeter Writer, Elizabeth Ducie's latest novel, Deception! is in the limelight. Click here to see what Anne has to say about it!