Short Story Competition 2015/16 - The Longlist

We can now reveal our longlist of finalists in the annual short story competition. The task of judging is shared between all of our members, and these are the ones that stand out so far. At this stage, none of us knows who the authors are, so no names will appear until the finalists are chosen. But whoever you are, congratulations! And to all the entrants, many thanks and keep writing. 

A shortlist will follow in due course.

The Tallow Butcher's Child


Not as Fast as Lightning Boy

Mr Dixon's Lawnmower


Keiko's Story

Where's Lisbeth?

Cyfannedd Fach

The Fox

Russell's Story

Jerusalem Wormwood

Things I Have Wasted Money On


An Arrangement


Units of Sense and Magnitude

The Indus Seals


Letters from America

Home for Dinner

Mrs Heathcliff's Riposte

Piano Music

Moonlight and Jasmine

His Greatest Treasure

Silent Ovation

The Past Never Dies

The Prodigal Robin

The Sculptor and the Sea

Like Mother Like Daughter

Silver Harvest

The Diamond



Adam's Fall

Uncommon Wisdom

Come Tilly come

The Neighbours

People Like Me


The Perfect Shade of Green

The Romance of Scorpions

The Unpathed Water


Murik's Coat



A Life Choice

42nd Street

Shame on You

Meet the Members: Su Bristow

Hello from Su Bristow, currently Chair of Exeter Writers.  Next year, world domination…

What do you write?

I write stories with an element of fantasy.  My first novel, Sealskin, is a retelling of the Scottish legend of the Selkies, or seals who can turn into people.  It won the Exeter Novel Prize 2013, and as a direct result of that, I now have an agent and a publisher.  It will be published as an ebook in the second half of this year, and in paperback early in 2017.  The next step is the cover design, which should be ready in the new year.  Watch this space…

Exeter Novel Prize 2015

Congratulations to Lucy Welch,
Winner of the 2015 Exeter Novel Prize!
Pictured here with the finalists:
Lucy Ayrton, Louise Mangos, Lucy Welch (winner), Lizzie Lamb, Christopher Holt (and Mark Dlugash, not pictured)

The Exeter Writer's Short Story Competition 2016 is now closed.
Thank you to everyone who entered. 

The winners will be announced in July 2016.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, as well as the winner of the Devon Prize will be published on the Exeter Writer's website.

Good luck! We are looking forward to reading all your entries.