Elizabeth's new books

It’s a busy few weeks for Exeter Writer, Elizabeth Ducie, who
writes both fiction and non-fiction. In August she published one book and began trials of a second one. In September, she will be launching her latest novel. And to cap it all, she’s running a sale  for two of her earlier novels.

BoW CompositeElizabeth’s non-fiction focuses mainly on business skills for writers. Her series on The Business of Writing started life as workshops at the Writers’ Summer School in Swanwick; evolved into a blog; and then became ebooks from 2014 onwards. Earlier this year, she updated and republished the first three in the series: Business Start-Up; Finance Matters; and Improving Effectiveness. But she knows that many people prefer their reference books in paper format, for ease of page-flipping. So parts 1-3 are now available in a single volume.
The next step will be to publish a workbook featuring all the worked examples and templates for anyone who wants to work through the series themselves. Trial copies of this have been issued and publication of the finished volume will hopefully be before the end of the year.

CORRUPTION_FRONT_RGBBut during September, Elizabeth will be switching her focus to fiction as she launches the final part of her trilogy set in the sometimes murky world of international pharmaceuticals. Corruption! sees the three main characters, Suzanne, Charlie and Francine heading for Russia where a deadly new drug craze is sweeping through the cities. The official launch date is 24th September, when copies of both ebook and paperback will be available from Amazon and other distribution platforms. 
Special Offer v2If you’ve not read Counterfeit! or Deception!the first two books in the series, then now’s your chance to grab a bargain. Both ebooks are available until 23rd September at 99p in UK; $0.99 in USA; and at rock-bottom prices in all other territories.

When life gives you lemons, make gin and tonic!

Sophie Duffy launched her first novel as Lizzie Lovell in July. 'The Juniper Gin Joint' is on sale in Sainsbury's, WH Smith's and The Works.
 The perfect pick-me-up for summer!' Phillipa Ashley

'Like a complex gin, brimming with botanicals, this delicious book offers a giant swig of a story full of characters, wit and warmth' Jules Wake

When life gives you lemons, make gin and tonic!

It's been a tough year for empty-nester Jen in her seaside Devon town; her kids have left for pastures new and her husband's left for another woman. 

Home alone with her eccentric home-brewing father and a Jack Russell, she is just getting her life back on track when her job at the local museum is threatened by her first love and nemesis, Councillor David Barton, who intends to sell the beautiful old building to a pub chain. But help is at hand from her colleagues: Jackie, a former Greenham Common warrior; Tish, a flamboyant historian; and Carol, mega-flirt. Plus newcomer and former campaigner, Tom. Who happens to be a widower. And quite sexy. And also the owner of a Jack Russell. 

The key to saving the day and putting the town back on the tourist map could lie just within reach - when reaching for a cold gin and tonic, that is. Mother's Ruin to some, gin is the making of Jen when she comes together with her friends and family to save the museum and open an artisan distillery in the basement. 

With its debauched local history of smuggling, can gin be the town's saviour and bring love back into Jen's life?

Bottoms up!

Circle of Nine

Exeter Writers member Cherry Gilchrist is launching a new book, The Circle of Nine, in Sep 2018. Meanwhile, her publishers Red Wheel Weiser are offering a free e-reader sample on Calameo, at https://www.calameo.com/read/0055709746d8b1d726d86

Take a look while it’s available!

The Circle of Nine is a study of nine feminine archetypes, bridging the mythic dimension and women’s everyday lives. ‘There’s a huge increase in interest in women’s circles, and support networks, partly due to social and workplace pressures. But there’s not yet much out there on women’s spirituality, and this book aims to bring the two worlds together.’

Find out more about Cherry’s work at www.cherrygilchrist.co.uk, and there’s a special website for the book at www.circleofnine.org.

Well done, Cathie, on being a finalist in the Dorchester Literary Prize!

Exeter Writer, Cathie Hartigan, tells us about being a finalist in the Dorchester Literary Prize (and being interviewed by Kate Adie!) 

Has there ever been such a week for losses? England, Federer, Nadal...and I didn't win the Dorchester Literary Prize. Not quite the same league, I know, and thank goodness I hadn't had to write Secret of the Song in front of huge crowds. Of course, I was disappointed, but I certainly wasn't devastated. It was a big thrill to get to the last three and be invited to the award ceremony in Dorchester.