Margaret and Cathie Launch Another Writing Guide

The Short Story Writer’s Workbook by Margaret James and Cathie Hartigan, provides excellent guidance on the various forms that short fiction can take. What is the difference between a competition story and one for a commercial magazine such as Woman’s Weekly? What makes a good flash? How on earth can you squeeze an entire story into the handful of words that a micro flash requires?

Website updates

As you can see, we are busy making some changes to our website. Please bear with us while we fine-tune the details!

Short Story Competition 2015: Longlist

The longlist for our 2015 short story competition has now been published and can be found by clicking here. The shortlist and results will be announced in June.

Clare Wins Exeter Novel Prize

Congratulations to Clare Harvey for winning the 2014 Exeter Novel Prize. Her novel Cage the Minute (since renamed The Gunner Girls) is an absorbing and moving story set in WWII. The novel is to be published later in the year. Exeter Writers is proud to sponsor the first prize for the competition and many members came to help out on the day.

Left to right: Bert Tyler-Moore, Helena Fairfax, Clare Harvey (winner),
Broo Doherty (judge), Derryl Flynn, April Hardy, Beverly Stark