St Michael's Book Fair 2017

Exeter Writers had a stall at the St Michael's Book Fair last Saturday (26th November). 

If you went along you may have bumped into (from left to right); Elizabeth Ducie, Cathie Hartigan, Margaret James and Lynne McVernon.

No time like the present!

If you pick up a copy of this week’s ‘My Weekly’, you’ll find a Christmas story by Exeter Writer, Angela Wooldridge (page 83 ;) ).

Angela says; 

“I’d had a previous story turned down, but the editor, Karen Byrom, was good enough to include some feedback. She also mentioned what sort of stories she was currently looking for. This prompted my Christmas themed story which was accepted (and yes, it did mean that I had to start thinking about Christmas in August!).

Taking advice and paying attention to the guidelines hasn’t failed me yet!”

A Broad Abroad!

Exeter Writer, Elizabeth Ducie, will be talking at St Thomas Library, Exeter on Thursday 3rd November.

Come along and chat as she talks about her years of travel which have provided so much inspiration for her novels.

Plymouth Literature Festival 2016

Members of Exeter Writers are taking part in the upcoming Plymouth Literature Festival.

Cathie Hartigan and Elizabeth Ducie will be speaking as part of Writers Talk, with the West of England Authors 
on Saturday 22nd Oct at 1.30pm.

Elizabeth will then be hosting a Women Writers Panel at 3pm
 where Sophie Duffy will be joined by 
 Teresa Driscoll, Babs Horton and Carla Vermaat.

All events are free and take place in the Plymouth Athenaeum.

Wednesday 2nd November at 7.30pm, Richard Handy takes us on a journey through history to reveal the facts about secret weapons in the early 1930s and the rise of the Nazi state – the dangerous technologies, the industrial espionage, stolen secrets and the global financing of super weapons that inspired his rollicking spy thriller, The Reich Device.