Exeter Writers Short Story Competition 2017

The Exeter Writers Short Story Competition 2017 is

First prize £500
Second prize £250
Third prize £100

Plus a prize for writers in Devon of £100

Closing date 28th February 2017
Click here for further information.
Good luck - we're looking forward to reading your entries! 

Why I wrote 'The Truth About Us' by Simon Kettlewell


A few years ago I saw a snippet of a documentary on relationships. It was a snippet because my daughter was very young, I was the main parent, and for years rarely saw a whole programme in one sitting. In this documentary a very elegant older woman was talking about inviting her husband’s lover to come and live with them in a bid to hold their relationship together. That was it. That was all I saw. This didn’t sound like desperation on the woman’s part to keep a husband to herself, but more a recognition that they were older, and the thought of ending a long relationship and everything that would come with it would simply be too much.

Elizabeth's Busy Summer

EW member, Elizabeth Ducie, is having a very busy summer. In the past six weeks, she's launched not one, not two, but three new books.

Exeter Writer, Jo Cole is racing to raise money for Cancer Lifeline Southwest

My name is Jo and I´m a Scrambled Leg newbie for 2016. I first heard about the Legs when Lisa gave a talk at an event (probably during Chudfest) two years ago.