Calamity at Coombesford Church

 Thrill Never Wears Off


Exeter Writers member Elizabeth Ducie launched her umpteenth book this week (and yes, she has lost count!) but found that the thrill was as great this time around as when she brought out her first book of short stories back in 2011. Calamity at Coombesford Church is the third in the Coombesford Chronicles series of cosy crime set in a fictional English village.


Isabella Street is a talented composer and musical director with a passion for her craft and the drive to create something truly unique. In The Hero’s Return, she embarks on her greatest triumph yet: celebrating the tercentenary of a local boy made good. But not everyone is happy with Isabella's plans and one night in Coombesford Church, her preparations and rehearsals are brought to an abrupt conclusion. Amateur sleuths, Charlie, Annie, and Rohan work together to uncover the truth behind the shocking events.


The ebook is available to download from Amazon (and can be read for free by members of Kindle Unlimited). The paperback will be available next month. Find all the Coombesford Chronicles here.