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The Reich Device and The Wolfsberg Deception are fast-action spy thrillers set during WWII with a web of deception that will keep you guessing every step of the way.

If you love the Jack Reacher novels, then you’ll like our hero, Danny Nash of the British Secret Intelligence Service. Nash is a loner who tends to hide his feelings, but is resourceful, tenacious and as tough as they come.

Richard's expert knowledge on the dangers of new technology and well researched history brings a realism to fiction that is hard to beat.

Leipzig, May 1933, Professor Gustav Mayer makes a monumental discovery, but a new menace rises in Germany …

Mayer is hunted by ruthless killers from the newly formed SS, with only his conscience and a mysterious agent, Major Danny Nash of the British Secret Intelligence to protect him. Mayer is captured and forced to work on the fledgling V1 rocket programme, but Germany has greater ambitions. The brutal Commandant Kessler knows Mayer is hiding something.

Nash has a stark choice: save Mayer or protect the world from a devastating new technology. A trail of espionage leads from Berlin to New York, Cairo, and then South Africa. German spies are trading gold for clandestine favours in Cape Town. But what does this have to do with big American corporations and V1 rockets?

Nash is running out of options. A showdown in the swamp-forests of Zululand gives Germany the upper hand. But the game is not over until the last man is standing – assassins on both sides have men to kill.

It’s 1941. Major Danny Nash of British Intelligence has just sabotaged a supply train to Wolfsberg, a top secret Nazi weapons facility. But now it seems Germany has a new agenda.

There’s a clandestine meeting between Nazi industrialists and the Soviets in Iran. Deadly secrets are about to change hands. A Russian spy of the old guard offers Nash a way in, but there’s a catch – he must send Emily Sinclair, daughter of the head of British Intelligence.

Nash follows her to the deserts of Iran. A brutal SS officer hires a Persian assassin from an ancient order of swordsmen. Emily is in danger from the present and her past. Can the old Soviet be trusted?

It all looks like a double cross. If Nash wants her back, he’ll have to take her, but the price could be the annihilation of Britain …

This is the second Danny Nash novel by the internationally respected scientist, and author, Richard Handy. 

Loyalty and Lunacy takes a break from WWII and takes us back further...

A remarkable story of love, honour and sacrifice in the face of wickedness. Sometimes we tolerate the intolerable and come out stronger on the other side …

It’s 1913. Gertrude is a young scullery maid on the country estate of Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd and she dreams of a better life with her love, John Anderson. But she owes a debt of honour – no thanks to Master Davy Christian, a drunken aristocrat and psychopathic malcontent.

Davy lusts after Gertrude and uses the class divide to hide his wickedness, but there’s a fracas in the barn and Davy is sent away. He returns as an officer in the British Army, and with war looming, Davy plans the demise of John, and everyone and everything that she holds dear.

John and Gertrude’s worlds soon spiral into madness, but if they can hold true to each other, and keep a solemn promise, they might just survive …