Update on the Devon Prize

 Devon Prize 2023

 As you know, we normally award a Devon Prize as well as first, second and third. This goes to the best rated story from a Devon writer, excluding the top three, and is always chosen from the shortlist. On this occasion, the only Devon entry was the overall winner and therefore we decided not to award a Devon Prize. (The result notice on the website mentioned the longlist, but that was an error. It should have read shortlist. This error has now been corrected.)

This is a unique situation for us, and not covered under our rules. However, it was pointed out that there were three Devon writers featured on the longlist, the one that went on to be the winner plus two more. Having reviewed both stories once again, we have decided to award the Devon Prize jointly to the two writers.

Congratulations to

Jass Tabriz - For all the caged & warm birds 


Jenny Giel - My Sister and the Bird Boy