Winners of the 2022 Short Story Competition!

 We are delighted to announce the winners of this year's short story competition.

1st Prize: The Last Fall by Caroline Passingham

2nd Prize: Bobby-Darin Won't Be Giving Refunds by Elizabeth Pratt

3rd Prize: Point Nine, Recurring by Michael Callaghan

and the Devon Prize: The Fisherman's Wife by Marta Emmitt

Congratulations to all our winners! The stories will be posted one by one over the coming week and watch out for interviews with our winning authors coming soon.

For those of you who didn't quite make it, don't despair. Competition is fierce and you never know when it's going to be your turn. Keep polishing those stories till they shine and thank you for giving us the opportunity to read them.


Anonymous said…
Well done Caroline……we think you’re brilliant!
Love, Anita and Co. (Near the airport!)
Anita said…
Well done Caroline…..we think you’re brilliant! 👏👏👏
Anita and Co.
Mike said…
Thank you so much for this opportunity. Was absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted. Can't wait to read the winning stories - and well done to those writers.