Degrees of Exposure by Dianne Bown-Wilson


Exeter Writer, Dianne Bown-Wilson has recently released her latest short story collection, Degrees of Exposure.


Dianne's stories have won any number of competitions. If you want to study what makes a winning story, you can't go wrong by checking these out.




A young man is seduced by a knitting sorceress. A couple weekending in Copenhagen bond through an unexpected donation of wedding cake. An old ex-mercenary, cut off by flood waters, finds himself transformed into James Bond. Two worlds collide in an out-of-town retail park as a middle-aged woman helps two asylum seekers in their quest for a better life…


Intrigued? These tales are part of a new collection of thirty-three wide-ranging contemporary short stories by Exeter Writer, Dianne Bown-Wilson. All have either won prizes or been short- or long-listed in international creative writing competitions in the past three years.


Degrees of Exposure invites readers to dip into different worlds, walking hand-in-hand with an eclectic and colourful range of characters as they deal with love, hope, joy, disappointment, and loss. There’s something here for everyone!


Praise from judges:


 (That) Hollow Place: ‘Moving and Inspirational’ - Writers Forum


Seesaw of Isolation: ‘Wonderfully imaginative’ - Yeovil Literary Prize


Stitched Up: ‘Someone with a magical way with writing’ - Writing Magazine


Nighthawks: ‘Beautifully paced’ - Dahlia Press


Quality Time: ‘The judges were particularly impressed not just by the storyline but the quality of writing and characterisation’ – Henshaw Press


American Gothic: ‘Moving and believable – you write with style and elegance’ – Exeter Story Prize


Degrees of Exposure: ‘Believable, insightful characterisations’ – Hammond House


Degrees of Exposure is now available as a paperback or ebook. alongside Dianne’s first short story collection, Instructions for Living