Shortlist 2021 - Did you make the cut?

Exeter Writers Competition News -

The Short-List Announcement!

Well done to everyone who's made it onto this list — you're all worthy candidates. Give us a shout out on social media to celebrate (we're @ExeterWriters), but if you do, please remember that you mustn't identify yourself as the writer of any specific story. 

If your name isn't on the list, don't be sad. There are plenty of reasons why your story might not have made the cut. 

This year we've seen some really epic stories but unfortunately only one can win. Narrowing down our list of possible winners has been tricky — and if you're hearing Run DMC in your head right now, you're not alone.

If you're confident your story was good enough, it does no harm to check out some of our other posts on short story writing to see if there's anything you can do to tweak it further: 

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We wish you luck with your revised stories for the future.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... #drumroll....

Double Vision and Second Sight

Life Support

Love Reimagined


Pocket Jesus

Stand Up

The Canal

The Homecoming

The Shuck

The Weird Event

Your Car Has Broken Down

We are due to have a final showdown to deliberate this short-list over the next month and we will announce the winner before you know it! 

Until then... good luck. 🖤


Jessica Triana de Ford is Exeter Writers Blog Manager, and co-ordinates content as well as edits submissions. She loves being part of a supportive writing group and being in a position to help support other creatives find the courage to express their ideas. You can find out more and connect with Jessica on LinkedIn and Twitter