Join Other Women at the Women in Publishing Summit 2021

Elizabeth Ducie will be speaking at an exciting event next month; today she tells us all about it:

I’m excited to be able to tell you about the Fourth Annual Women in Publishing Summit, which is coming up next month.

The Women in Publishing Summit, sponsored by Bublish and Write|Publish|Sell, runs from 1st to 7th March and covers all things related to writing, publishing, and selling a book. It's created FOR women, BY women. So if you're a woman wanting to write a book, have written a book, are in the process of writing a book, or perform some kind of function related to writing, publishing, and selling a book, this is for you!


March is Women’s History Month. It’s a great time to celebrate, honour, and learn from a line-up of amazing women in the writing and publishing world who deserve some applause. This conference empowers, encourages, and supports women, with a major focus on bringing forward marginalised voices, talking about diversity, and creating a supportive community.

You do not want to miss it. Get early bird registration now, while it’s still $100 off the ticket price.


And this is the part where I also mention I am one of the speakers! I am delighted and proud to have been invited to speak on Routes to Publishing.


I’m happy to be part of a celebration of women who are absolutely rocking it in the writing, publishing, and selling of books. (Plus the other people who make amazing books come to life - the editors and the graphic artists, the PR and marketing professionals, and so forth.)

This summit is being hosted by my friend, Alexa Bigwarfe. She is an author, coach and publisher who noticed some years back there seemed to be a real void in the female voices present in online writing and publishing conferences, and training programmes. So, she set out to change that. And I thought it was a great idea too!

What exactly are we trying to achieve with this summit? Well, a couple of things:

One - we’re celebrating and honouring the achievements of women who often go uncelebrated, when what they have done and continue to do is worthy of an Olympic-style parade.

Two - we want to provide the support and encouragement for other women who are trying their best to grow their business; entertain; teach; or change the world with their books - or otherwise leave a mark on the world with their writing.

Three - we’re talking about issues that other publishing conferences don’t talk about AT ALL. Like representation and making sure marginalized voices are heard. Like opening up opportunities for women so we don’t have to publish under male pen names. Mindset, overcoming fear, and tools you need to build your business as an author.


We recognise there is a LOT to learn. So you can consider this week-long virtual conference a really economical Bachelor’s Degree in writing, publishing, and selling a book!


You can learn more on the website, but here is the general schedule of topics for each day:

Day 1: The Big Picture for Your Book - Why We Show Up, Finding Inspiration & Mindset Issues

Day 2: Knowledge Base for Authors: Writing & Editing Resources galore

Day 3: Publishing & Production & more writing workshops

Day 4: Book Launch Strategies, Marketing, Marketing and more Marketing

Day 5: The Business of Being An Author + additional revenue streams

Come learn from Best Selling Authors, Publishers, Experts in Marketing and PR, Editors, Graphic Designers, and other industry experts to get all the tools you need to write, publish, and sell your amazing book! 

But more importantly, come join our community as we grow together.



Long standing Exeter Writers member Elizabeth Ducie has published many books in both the non-fiction and fiction categories. She is editor of the Chudleigh Phoenix Community Magazine and has been speaking at events regarding the Business of Writing since 2010.