The Family Is Complete

Exeter Writer Treasurer, Elizabeth Ducie, has been very busy lately. She has finally finished her series of manuals on business skills for writers. Elizabeth strongly believes anyone who writes professionally needs the skills to run a small business in addition to their creative abilities. 

The Business of Writing began life as workshops at the annual Writers’ Summer School at Swanwick. Next they morphed into a series of monthly blog posts. And now they form a four-part series, available both in electronic format and as paperbacks.

 The first three parts of the series deal with establishing a business; setting up simple finance systems; and improving effectiveness. Each part is available as an individual ebook; but there is also a paperback comprising all three parts. And earlier this month, Elizabeth published a Workbook containing all the worked examples from the three books plus blank templates for anyone wanting to work through the process themselves.

Part 4 of the series is different. It covers the developing world of Independent Publishing, about which Elizabeth is passionate. It is as long as the other three parts put together, looks at all the questions a writer needs to consider when going down the indie route, and is available both as an ebook and a paperback.

You can find details of The Business of Writing series on the Elizabeth Ducie website.