Thank you for coming!

***Have you lost your glasses? You may have lost them at The Write Hub!! If so, email and we'll do our best to get them back to you!***

Thank you to everyone who came to events last weekend and made the Exeter Lit Fest such a success.

Our Write Hub Event was abuzz with readers and writers (mostly writers!) and we had representatives from; The Exeter Romantic Novelists Association Chapter, Chudleigh Writer's Circle, Exeter Authors, WordWorks, Honiton Writers, Inkslingers, and Friday Writers as well as unaffiliated writers too.  It was a great opportunity to chat, to see how different writers and groups work, (and, of course, to eat cake ;) ).

Here are a few pics from the event, and there are more on the ExeLitFest website

We loved this opportunity to meet and mix with so many from the writing community. Did you enjoy it too? Would you like more events like this? Would you do something different?
If there's a hunger for it, we could consider doing it again sometime, but we'd need to know there'll be people to help eat cake!