Long List!

Congratulations to all those people who entered our short story competition. We had some fantastic entries and deciding on the long list was very hard indeed, especially as we had hundreds and hundreds of entries! 

We had stories from all over the world - Brazil, Israel, Canada, The States, Jordan - and the subjects covered in the stories varied greatly. 

Our members enjoyed reading your entries, and many hours were spent deliberating which stories to include.

In no particular order, well done to writers of the following stories:

1. Sponge

2. For Love
3. Land's End
4. What do Streets Remember
5. Keeping Chris Alive
6. A Sharp Beam from the Lighthouse
7. Seeking Shadows
8. The Gold Amati
9. Ten Bob
10. Better Than You Found It.
11. Mrs Dusk
12. Thirty-Seven Photographs of a Sleeping Lion
13. The Sound of Celia
14. Dinosaurs Rule
15. The Invitation
16. Komboloi
17. The List
18. Sent
19. Miracles, Mercies and Mary on Toast
20. Little Pig
21. The Colour Forty by Lucy Grace
22. The Rapture
23.Dylan Thomas, Gregory Jones, and the Oort Cloud

The short list will be announced in early May and the winner in late May.

A special mention must be made to Lucy Grace, author of The Colour Forty. This is a fantastic story, but we have had to withdraw it (unfortunately for us!) as it won The Writers' and Artists' Year book short story competition. Well done, Lucy Grace on your win!