EW Member Returns To Scene of Near-Death

Back in 1992, Elizabeth Ducie nearly died in Brazil. Or to be
completely accurate, she nearly died on a plane about to land in Sao Paulo.

“I collapsed in the loo (not the most glamorous of locations, admittedly) and had to be hauled out by the air crew, not breathing. It totally disrupted breakfast service in First Class, as that was the only place there was room to lay me out on the floor. Then, when the inevitable call went out for a doctor, there were seventy-six on board, cardiologists flying home from a convention in Europe. My colleagues told me later the doctors were surrounding me, waving syringes in the air and arguing about whether I was having a heart attack or not!”

She wasn’t – and in fact the cause of her collapse was never discovered. But this incident remains one of her enduring memories of working in Brazil – along with drinking caipirinha cocktails, sampling the delights of the barbeque restaurants and watching the Iguacu Falls appearing out of the mists.

Now this Exeter Writer member has used Brazil, and several of her experiences, as the setting for her new novel, Deception!

“I spent thirty years working in the sometimes murky world of international pharmaceuticals, so when I started writing thrillers, it seemed obvious to use that industry as my theme. Most of my books and stories are set in Russia and Africa, which is where I spent much of my working life, but Brazil was very special to me and I’ve wanted to write about it for a long time.”

Deception! is book 2 in the Suzanne Jones series and see the regulator turned investigator checking out a potentially-dangerous new health supplement while sister Charlie continues to pursue the counterfeiter who caused so much harm in book 1. As the cover says: deceit is a dangerous game and it seems like everyone’s playing.

Deception! is available both as a paperback and in ebook format, from a variety of outlets. Full details can be found on Elizabeth’s website: http://www.elizabethducie.co.uk/deception/