Short Story Competition 2017: The Final Results!

Exeter Writers are delighted to announce the winners of our 2017 short story competition:

1st prize - Celluloid Job by Sharon Boyle from East Lothian.

2nd prize - Selling Fans in Haliville by Jason Jackson from Bristol.

3rd prize - Fences by Christopher Allen from Munich.

Devon prize - Bye Bye Birdie by Orlando Murrin from Exeter.

We can also now reveal the authors of the shortlisted and longlisted stories (in no particular order):


A Light Dusting of Snow - Alison Marlow
Bury Me in Brentley Park - Dan Brotzel
Call of the Kazer - Natalie Pearson
Lapsang Souchong - Paul Toolan
Rebuffed - Michael J Fleming
Thin Air - Ingrid Jendrzejewski
The Crossroads at Jijiga - James Woolf


A Death in the Family - Amanda Staples
The Miss Higher Complex - Julie Day
Past breaking - Lesley Mace
Calling the Tune - Clay Iles
The Tracker - James Mitchell
The Secrets of Bones - Lucy Banks
Never the Same Advantages - Judy Walker
Saving Anna - Christine Tennent
Collision - Peter Kelly
Dotted About the Terrace - Corinna Hampton
Fire and Ice - Ali Bacon
The Grief Register - Selma Carvalho
The Woman Within the Dress - Eva Sneddon
I Came and Met Your Absence - E F S Byrne
The Fire of Fortune - Jayanti Kar
Abandon Ship - Alex Kilcannon
Dear Horse - Kathleen Griffin
The Manana Approach - Kira McPherson
The Palace Road Hunt - Janette Ballard
The Fire People - Daniela I Norris
The Power of Three - Judith Wilson
Deer - Sandra Kirley
A Eulogy for Boo - Taria Karrillion
The Cullen Quartet. After Teresa - Catherine Edmunds
Flowerboy - Caitlin Devlin
42nd Street - Paul Toolan
A New Doll - Marla Dean

Thank you to everyone who sent in their stories. 
Next year's competition will be open for entries in the autumn.



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