Meet the Members: Angela Wooldridge

Angela is currently the secretary of Exeter Writers.

What do you Write?
My short stories cover all sorts of subjects. This may be partly because I'm still finding my way, but also because I like the freedom a short story gives you to experiment and try new things. 

When I started writing I thought I was going to write thrillers because I can't seem to help myself when it comes to plots and twists, but over time I've noticed that I also can't resist adding in aspects of the supernatural and as I've always loved science fiction and fantasy maybe it's only natural that I'll eventually come to roost there. 
My two novels, which are both in draft stages, have aspects of the paranormal in them. But whatever I write I think there'll always be a spirit of adventure, the unusual, twists and turns and probably my warped sense of humour buried in there somewhere (although that usually gets edited out).

When and where do you write?
My writing desk is tucked into a corner of the spare room, in between the towel cupboard and the exercise bike. It used to be the bathroom (the room – not my writing space), but it makes a much better spare room. 

As it's good practice to write in different places, I think I may try writing in the sunshine if we get a summer this year.

Best writerly moment?
It has to be having a story accepted by The People's Friend (In the June edition by the way!) - It took about two hours for my hands to stop shaking.
Having said that, nothing beats the buzz you get when someone tells you how much they enjoyed your story.

Not a lot of people know this...
I have a rare form of colourblindness called Tritanopeia, it means I have trouble discerning between certain shades such as pink and orange, blue and green, brown and purple, so my friends always let me choose first when picking what colour to play in boardgames. Thanks guys!