Gorgito's Ice Rink

The debut novel from Elizabeth Ducie is now available on Amazon as an ebook or as a paperback. Gorgito's Ice Rink is a tale of love, loss and broken promises. Bureaucracy, corruption, economic melt-down and the harsh climate are just some of the barriers Gorgito Tabatadze faces in his quest to build a championship ice-rink in post-Soviet Russia. On the surface, he is helping to re-unite a distraught young boy with his sister, a talented ice skater who has moved to America to train. But inside, he is motivated by memories of another lost sister and a promise to his mother which he was unable to fulfil. Gorgito's Ice Rink  can be found here.

It's been a busy few months for Elizabeth who recently won the Fiction Prize at the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust Creative Writing Awards. In July, she published the second in her series of ebooks on business skills for writers. The Business of Writing: Part Two Finance Matters can be found here.