Creative Writing Matters

Just in: a flyer for The Creative Writing Student's Handbook, by Cathie Hartigan and Margaret James. 

How do you become a successful writer? 

You’ll need commitment, passion, determination and a good teacher. But you’ll also need to be a good learner.

As teachers of creative writing, we have had the huge pleasure of seeing our students achieve publication, win or be shortlisted for prizes. They have become confident, articulate writers who have learned to use their own special talents to their maximum potential.

The Creative Writing Student's Handbook is a distillation of our joint teaching experience and we are sure it will be of use to all students of creative writing.
The book will be published as successive chapters on the first day of each month: chapter 1 is online now.

See for further information on courses, workshops, mentoring and other services by Creative Writing Matters.


Unknown said…
Creative Writing certainly does matter. Good luck Exeter Writers. I wish I lived nearer