In memoriam: Marjorie Stiling

"Some sow, others reap"

We are sorry to announce the death of Marjorie Stiling on 18th January at the age of 93. Her funeral took place on 31st January at the Devon and Exeter Crematorium.

Marjorie was one of the first eight members of Exeter Writers when the group was launched in 1950, and, as far as we know, the last survivor of those founders. She kept up her interest in the group until the late 80s, and her report of its history (originally as "Exeter Writers´ Circle", later amended to "Club") can be found by clicking on History. Her self-published crime novels, Whisper Murder (2000) and Murder by Proxy (2007), and a short non-fiction work, Famous Brand Names, Emblems and Trademarks (1980), are available through

Marjorie never achieved major success with her writing, but she left a lasting legacy in Exeter Writers, still going very strong sixty years later. We like to think she would be proud of us.

- CG