The Exeter Writers Short Story Competition

Exeter Writers runs an annual short story competition. The competition began in 2009 and is very popular, receiving entries from all over the world.

The 2020 competition is now open. Prizes of £700, £250, £100, and £100 for best Devon entry are offered. 

All previous winning stories can be found HERE.

The 1st prize winners for the 2009-2013 competitions can also be found in our latest anthology, The Coastal Zoo. You can purchase a copy HERE.

Exeter Novel Prize

For the past three years, Exeter Writers has been proud to sponsor the first prize in the Exeter Novel Prize, and we will be doing so again in 2016

The 2015 prize was awarded to Lucy Welsh. The 2014 prize was awarded to Claire Harvey and the 2103 to Su Bristow. The Exeter Novel Prize is run by Creative Writing Matters. More details can be found on their website HERE.