Who We Are

For a list of some of our current members, click here.

Exeter Writers has a long and active history: originally founded in June 1950 as The Exeter & District Writers' Circle, we've become what must be one of the longest continually-running writing groups in the country. We are keen to foster good writing outside of our group: our annual Short Story Competition is open to professional and amateur writers; and we are proud to sponsor the Exeter Novel Prize (run by Creative Writing Matters).

While the format of the group has changed over the years, its aim has always been to stimulate and develop members' writing. Some of us earn a living by writing, and some aspire to become recognised writers. This mix of accomplishments means everyone has something to contribute. We all share a love of writing, a desire to learn, and a willingness to support each other.

If you'd like to read some of our members' written work, our group anthologies are available from this site. Many of us can also be found in your local bookshop or newsagent's; bookmark our webpage to keep abreast of publications.

We have a rolling programme of write-ins; manuscript readings with critique; and workshops, which are led by members with particular areas of expertise, or guest speakers.

We meet on alternate Saturday afternoons between September and July, and we expect members to attend as regularly as possible. We often run events outside these times too, which are dependent on the voluntary support of our members.

Although we are often at full capacity, membership spaces do occur from time to time.  We aim to keep a varied mix of members and interests, and to ensure prospective members feel the group is a good fit for them. There is a waiting list, but if you’re interested in joining, please get in touch or come and meet us at one of our open events which we host periodically. Prospective members are asked to provide two short samples of their work, to be assessed by our reading panel.

Some experience is essential, however, so if you are new to writing, we strongly recommend you consider joining one of the many local groups  who are able to support beginners, and/or attending some courses or workshops on creative writing.

Please consider joining our mailing list if you would like to be kept apprised of local news and events.