Sonya Hahlo

Encouraged by a brilliant English teacher at King Edward VI School Totnes, I wrote numerous short stories as a teenager, then completing an advanced creative writing course at a high school in the USA. Once back in Britain, my life took a different turn as I ended up doing a BA Hons graphics degree in Birmingham, following a career path in commercial art and painting. I subsequently trained as a teacher, currently working with disabled students as an enabler at Exeter College.

In early 2014 I began writing my first novel The Dark Edge of Dawn, followed by its sequel The Slow Train to Sanity. Both explore the fragile, turbulent time of young adulthood, struggling with mental health issues and addiction. I am currently writing a third novel on similar lines, about the confusions of a teenage girl growing up close to an older brother with autism. 

The Dark Edge of Dawn is available on my Amazon page.