Lynne McVernon

Lynne moved to Devon and joined Exeter Writers in 2014. A graduate of the University of Reading and bursary winner on the Regional Theatres Trainee Directors' Scheme. Held director residencies at Dundee Rep running the Tayside touring 'Other Company', the Young Vic Studio and the National Theatre with guest productions in theatres throughout the UK as well as teaching and directing at drama schools. Main forte as a director was devising / co-writing (Mike Leigh, unsurprisingly, was a major influence). Founded the young people's creative writing company Fable Productions in Berkshire  1996. Has written original scripts and dramatised Dickens for theatre and adapted classics for BBC radio. She self-published her first novel, Terrible with Raisins, in 2013 and is working on her second plus a growing portfolio of short stories. 

Twitter: @lynnemcvernon