Interview With 3rd Place Runner Up - Alexis Wolfe

Hi Alexis, 

Firstly can I ask… is Alexis Wolfe your real name or have you used a Pseudonym because it’s so cool!?

Hello, Alexis Wolfe is my real name.

You won the Third Prize in our competition this year with your story Cane Life. What were you doing when you found out? How did you feel?

I found out during the Coronavirus lockdown so I was at home. I was a combination of very surprised and delighted. 

Interview With 2nd Place Runner Up - EJ Robinson

Hello EJ Robinson! Can I call you EJ or do you have a first name I can call you by? 

Hello, my name’s Eileen and the J is from my middle name, but I was never keen on Eileen. 

When I decided to make a go of getting into writing I didn’t want to publish under my given name, so I abbreviated myself forever more.

So well done on winning 2nd prize with A light Supper With Friends this year.  How do you feel about that?

Interview with Devon Prize Winner - Bruce Harris

Bruce Harris has been writing and publishing short stories and poetry from his home in Seaton, Devon since 2004 and his first novel was published last year, 2019.

Hello Bruce, well done for winning our Devon Prize with Night Caps For Wild Boys. As a Devon based writing group it's always heartening to support local writers. Tell us how you felt when you found out you'd won.

I’ve been competing in short story competitions and publishing them in online and print magazines for eleven years now, with three full collections on the way, but I still cannot find it in me to be blasé or indifferent when a new piece does something. 

Interview with Competition Winner - ALASTAIR CHISHOLM

Alastair Chisholm is this years winner of the Exeter Short Story Competition with his story On Talon Moor. Alastair is a published children's book author with both a picture book and a young reader novel for pre-teens published by Nosy Crow. 

Hello Alastair….So first off, how does it feel to be this year’s Exeter Writer’s Competition Winner?

Amazing! I read the runners-up, and I was hugely impressed with the quality and the range of stories you must have received. And it’s an absolute delight to put something out into the world and have other people read it and see what you saw.